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Domus Point is a family business that has been producing custom made drapery for over 12 years. We create our own products and personally check their quality and functionality. We are constantly evolving with the times and we pay attention to the tastes of our demanding costumers who are always looking for the highest quality, new trends and avant-garde ideas. We provide competence and reliability and we guarantee long term after-sale assistance. Our strength lies in the service we provide to our customers: first, we visit your home, then we create a customised project and finally we send our specialised technicians for a state of the art installation.


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The home is the place that most represents us: it reveals who we are and what we love, our personality, aspirations and desires. It is our shelter and our crib, and yet offers a wide-open door to the world and even a window on our inner self…. For all these reasons we feel it is extremely important to design your draperies with you and not just for you. We design and create all kinds of curtains, for all tastes and personalities and practical needs – elegant and refined curtains, curtains and pelmets embellished by braids and other unique accessories that further enhance their beauty. We come directly to your home or premises in order to be able to assist you in your choice of fabric, style and manufacture.

We think that we have all the pre-requisites to be able to transform your home and make your wishes come true. We use the most prestigious brands of national and international fabric and this enables us to guarantee product quality but also allows us to suggest a wide selection of draperies for classical, rustic or modern interior décor. We regularly update our collections by attending the most important national and international textile and interior decoration trade fairs where select the best articles available in the market-place in order to offer you the possibility to choose among the latest novelties. Our staff are highly professional, dynamic and truly passionate about their job: they are all ready to help you make the best choice.


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High-tech drapery and awnings are an important part of our daily effort: we deal in traditional home accessories, for instance aluminium or wood Venetian blinds, PVC or aluminium roll-up blinds, roller curtains, mosquito nets and sunshades, but also in modulated solar screening systems specially designed for private and public buildings such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, recreational centres and so on. Our objective is to use avant-garde products in order to provide the best and innovative solutions in terms of quality, safety and design. Thanks to our extensive experience we can offer you the best products available on the market, after a thorough analysis of your requirements and wishes and the size of the environment to furnish. We carefully evaluate the kind of external solar protection you will need: we can provide retractable awnings, window awnings, drop blinds, terrace and balcony awnings, as well as special structures to protect large areas from sun, rain and wind, such as pergolas with a wood or aluminium structure and a folding fabric cover (for a detailed presentation of these products you can visit our site at and then follow the special link). We have adopted Home Automation (or Domotics, a new branch of technology) through which we are now able to install an integrated automatic control system for opening and closing your awnings: an anemometer will close the awning in case of strong wind, a sensor will open it when it is sunny and close it when it starts to rain, a timer will open or close it according to your established schedule, and finally a telephone communication system will allow you to control your awnings from wherever you are in the world. These exclusive products are designed for and with you and developed in collaboration with our trustworthy suppliers: we provide continuity and reliability in our relationship with all our customers. We not only supply and install high-tech systems but also guarantee a thorough after-sales service, a short course where you will quickly learn how to master the most sophisticated functions of your new automated system and how to program updates and maintenance schedules to keep it at maximum efficiency. Thanks to our reliable and top-quality products, we can offer a 5-year guarantee on our whole catalogue!
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